Support DBT Trainers in Training

Millions of people worldwide need effective, compassionate treatment for mental illness. The Linehan Institute, together with its training company Behavioral Tech, works with DBT clinicians outside the United States who would like to establish DBT training programs in their own country. We partner with knowledgeable, highly skilled clinicians who are native to the local language and culture, and who are passionate about making DBT accessible. Our Trainers in Training program allows them to hone their own DBT expertise while expanding training to newer DBT teams.

Your donation will support a learning and travel stipend for the Trainers in Training. This stipend is critical to ensuring that financial resources are in place for them to complete their training and teach others. Without it, the volatile nature of worldwide economic conditions and local economies threatens to inhibit growth of a worldwide network of reputable DBT Trainers and training programs.

Trainers in Training are mental health professionals who have voluntarily committed to expanding DBT in their area. In exchange for mentoring new DBT teams, the Trainers in Training will receive a modest stipend to offset the travel expenses they incur as part of their own training and the time away from their professional roles.

We are actively supporting the growth of DBT in many places around the world. Watch the video below to learn how one DBT training experience in Argentina brought together 130 clinicians from 8 different countries: